We offer two comprehensive services:


Service Option 1: Comprehensive one-time dissertation review.

Service Option 2: Comprehensive on-going (iterative) dissertation coaching and mentoring.


Both review and coaching/mentoring consist of the following:


  • Topic review (including problem, purpose, research questions, etc.)
  • Methodology review (qualitative, quantitative, mixed)
  • Dissertation Chapters and Alignment (Introduction, Literature Review, Method, Results, and Conclusions and Recommendations)
  • Grammar/APA/Form and Style


We Offer Easy Payment Options:


Payment Option 1: Easy Pay-As-You-Go: Have limited finances? Not sure how much coaching is needed? This may be the best option for you!

Payment Option 2: Easy Subscription: This is an affordable initial up-front payment for the first month, then equal monthly payments thereafter. This is the best option for those wanting a longer-term coaching arrangement, but without paying the whole cost of the service up-front.

Payment Option 3: Easy Discounted Up-front Payment: This is the most economical service. It is just one discounted fee, based on the requested level of service and deliverable.


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Additional Entry Level Services:

Dissertation-related Reviews (rates are one-time, per review)

Dissertation Topic – Assess overall clarity and viability $50
Problem Statement – Assess domain-specific problem, magnitude, gap, and significance $50
Purpose – Assess overall purpose associated with the intended method, including high-level approach, if included $50
Research Questions – Assess appropriate wording and alignment, per intended method (qual, quan, mixed) $25
Nature of the Study – Assess high-level method and design) $50
Literature Review – Assess thematic synthesis, alignment, theory, and use of recent/peer-reviewed sources $100
Citation/Reference Cross-Check – Assess linkage between references and in-text citations (and vice-versa), including percent of recent sources (within 5 years) $100


Microsoft Word Features

Table of Contents (TOC) Generation and Formatting (based on existing headings) $100
Page Numbering – Includes pre-matter and body (based on designated page # location) $50
Paragraph Formatting – Includes indentation, line-wrapping, and spacing $10/page


APA/Grammar Reviews

Reference and In-text Citation Formatting $50+$10/page
Passive Voice (all instances – does not include correction) $50
Anthropomorphisms – Check for personifications (does not include correction) $10/page
Numbering – Assess proper use of numbers versus text, per APA $10/page